A Thought

I read this on Ashleigh’s Blog and thought it too poignant not to share:

“My hope is not in the chemo, or any doctor, or my husband…my hope is in a life well-lived and in eternity with God.”

Ashleigh said this while in the hospital awaiting outcome from another round of chemo, deemed to be potentially only 10% effective. This is an astounding woman, with more courage or strength than most people will ever feel or put to the test.

Never want to forget that.

Update :: 101 in 1001

Rachel_Berzins_graphicFriends, I saw this list concept on the From This Side of the Pond and Sincerely Shannon blogs (thank you, Joyce and Shannon!) and I adore it. Shannon explained it best: “Why 1001 days? Big resolutions always seem to fall short. So instead this is a mismatched list of long term and short term things to simply check off. It’s stretched over 2.75 years so there’s less pressure. Some of them are silly little things I want to try or be able to say I’ve done. Others are more serious things that I’d like to make permanent fixtures in my life.” Amen to putting these ideas down on paper and crossing things off of our perpetual lists. HERE WE GO!

Figure out storage and arrangement solutions for my books
Start meal planning and writing out weekly menus
Create a master list of go-to meals and keep ingredients on hand
Make Thai curry dinner (my love is so strong, I wrote about curry here and here)
Save for kitchen and bathroom home renovation projects
Find, purchase, install interior rugs at both entrances of the home, upstairs, and in basement
Scope out contractors to tackle kitchen and bathroom home renovation projects
Document our ideas for kitchen and bathroom home renovation projects
Host a dinner party  (So far the Turys, Barrys, Janigas, and Barigellis have all come for dinner!)
Practice speaking Italian at home
Curate and maintain minimalist wardrobe, see this post
Regularly donate items from our closets (Happens every 1-2 months)
Finish paying student loans (Dec ’14)
Create a budget and track habits for at least two months

Familiarize myself with a local professional network
Take the GRE
Research owning and operating my own/a family business
Develop 2-year career plan
Develop 5-year career plan
Find a professional mentor
Update my resume
Upgrade to iPhone 6 (Feb. 2015)
Update my professional head shot
Proactively seek out a project that will require me to cross-functionally lead other teams
Participate in at least 4 networking events

Go on a picnic
Attend at least one local Friday night football game
Walk across the Mackinac Bridge
Take a cross-country road trip
Go on a date night once a month
Try a new restaurant once a month
Go for a motorcycle ride with Colin
Go for a scooter ride with Colin
Visit my sister in Atlanta (April 2015)
Visit my brothers-in-law in Pittsburgh
Visit Colin’s Aunt Bonnie and cousin Mandi in Florida
Visit Colin’s grandparents and cousins in Michigan (Once every 2-3 months)
Visit my relatives in Italy
Take a trip with my sister
Go camping
Attend a performance on campus at Michigan State
Visit my close friend in Seattle
Go to the zoo

Family & Friends
Go on a husband/wife weekend trip
Reconnect with an old teacher
Make new friends with a family (parents and their kiddos)
Make a new friend
Transfer family videos to digital
Do something special for each immediate family member
Do something special for each of my husband’s siblings
Keep up with Peter’s baby book (The current book and its prompts are “completed” as of May ’15)
Regularly write in my Mommy’s One-Liner Journal
Pray weekly with my family
One photo of the three of us, all together, each month
Hand-write and send Christmas cards every year (Completed for ’14)
Buy Christmas and/or Birthday presents for all of our closest loved ones (Completed for ’14)
Keep a jar with fantastic quotes from my family and friends (kind of like this idea I posted in this Friday Favorites)

Take more group fitness classes
Practice mindfulness, moderation, and consistency in my eating
Hike a new trail
Update my workout playlist
Take a spin class
Participate in a fitness/health group online for accountability
Walk or run outside every day that the weather permits
Run a 10K
Run a half marathon
Participate in 2 more triathlons and improve my time
Take a dance class for fun
Find a nutrition and health role model/mentor
Randomly test blood sugar as a dietary learning tool
See an OBGYN regularly (Found one and have seen her monthly per the pregnancy, to be continued…)
Visit a dermatologist (Oct ’14)
Buy a bikini and wear it in public

Hobbies & Skills
Sing alongside harp accompanist (April ’15 at Grace Lutheran in Atlanta)
Refurbish old-timey radio stand
Refinish side table I found on the side of the road
Learn how to sail
Become more disciplined how I recognize and spend my down time
Find and purchase the perfect coat (Nov ’15)
Learn how to properly knot a man’s tie and bow tie
Improve rate of recreational book reading (like how I phrased that?)
Learn to play a new song on the guitar
Develop TanyaBarry.com podcast
Participate in church choir (Winter/Spring of 2015)
Perform/sing special pieces at church, outside of choir
Learn how to edit imagery without Photoshop
Install social media feeds onto TanyaBarry.com

Helping Out & Giving Back
Volunteer for cause I believe in through my church
Donate all gift items for recipient on Christmas Giving Tree (Completed for ’14)
Tithe at church every week we attend
Visit a nursing home with my family
Sing carols at a nursing home
Spend a day helping grandparents with house projects (Completed for ’14)
Clear out boxes of my things from my parents’ home (Nov ’14)
Participate in a prayer chain
Mentor someone
Teach a youngster how to do a specific task
Helping out a neighbor with a project when I see they need a hand
Donate classroom items to P’s baby school (Completed for ’14 and first half of ’15)
Volunteer at an event in my community
Support my mother’s business, answering business questions or helping with marketing

*Graphic borrowed from the lovely @RachelBerzins, who also documented her Bows & A Blonde: 101 in 1001.

Something In The Water

Everybody is pregnant or having babies. Okay, so not everybody, but there is a lot of baby going on:

My bootcamp instructor, Alicia
My cousin, Adriana
Cousin Luke’s wife, Kaitlyn
God-cousin Mike Battisti’s wife, Melissa
God-cousin Steve Battisti’s wife, Amy
Blogger I follow, Katie from Bower Power
Another blogger I follow, Joanna from Our Freaking Budget
Yet another blogger I follow, Natalie from The Busy Budgeting Mama
Founder and creative director, Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.
Former Bachelor contestant, Renee Oteri
Former Bachelorette, Emily Maynard
Creator of Quest Bar, Kim Hoeltje
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton
Weight loss blogger, Diana from Livy Loves
Reality TV star, Jill Dillard
Foodie blogger, Shay Shull from Mix and Match Mama, just adopted a baby girl from China
Reno bloggers, Lettered Cottage, are adopting a baby boy from Haiti
Our friend, Ketz, just gave birth to Mason
Our friend, Jenny, just gave birth to Lucas
Colin’s former college roommate’s wife, Jenny, just gave birth to Nathaniel
My cousin’s wife, Laura, just gave birth to Gabriel

…and me :o) Baby #2 coming August 2015!!!

My Son Is A Year Old…And Things To Remember

In keeping with the celebration of P’s first birthday, here are a few things to remember in the format of a birthday quiz. My hope is that we’ll complete this quiz every year for his birthday and love reviewing all of his responses.

jan 8 import 149

Birth weight/height: 8lb 4 oz, 21″ long

Current weight/height: 22lb, 30″ long

Number of teeth: 7

Current vocabulary: Dada, dah dah (dog dog), hieeee, buh buh (goodbye)

Favorite snuggly toys: big bear, little bear, grey bunny, white blanket, blue blanket

Favorite action toys: anything with wheels or that looks like it may “drive” like a car

Favorite books: What Does The Baby Say?, Opposites, sing-song or sing-along books

Favorite foods: Raisins or cranberries, applesauce, yogurt, ice cream

Least favorite food: Solid chunks of meat (only eats as purees, currently)

Funniest behavior or quirk: Sucking in your breath with a wide smile when you get excited

Naughtiest behavior: Playing with electrical cords, constantly…trying to sneak up on and swat at pet the dog

Monday Mantras – Vol. 10


nov 19 import 040While Jesus was having dinner, many tax collectors and sinners were eating with him and his disciples, for there were many who followed him. When the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw him eating with the sinners and tax collectors, they asked his disciples: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners?” On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” – Mark 1:15-17


17 On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

“The crack is where the light comes in.” – Leonard Cohen